Embodying Permaculture

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The Embodying Permaculture workshop is an interactive experience that integrates the permaculture principles and ethics with body-centered awareness practices including transformational theater, collective musical creation, and guided exercises that activate the 5 senses. We complete this journey with a solution-focused discussion counsel, culminating in the cultivation of direct action plans for co-creating a thriving, resilient, regenerative global ecosystem.

This workshop is all about integrating the permaculture concepts into our being in a physical, interactive and fun way. It builds bridges between those who are drawn to movement, music, theater and the arts, with the ideas and practices of permaculture. I have facilitated this workshop in many diverse locations and events, and have always received very positive feedback. This workshops will help grow our movement by engaging participants with permaculture in a new way that is interactive and empowering. By ending with direct action plans that are supported by the group, participants will leave with a plan to be a positive change-maker, and the resources and inspiration to follow through.
By offering this workshop at the convergence, it will also draw those in the Blooming Biodiversity network to the BRC.

Presented By: Robin Liepman