What is Adaptive Agriculture?

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With so many categories, ideologies, philosophies, styles of growing food sustainably, it is challenging for beginning farmers to enter the local food system with their own identity. Adaptive Agriculture is the concept that the science, art, and business of growing food is going to be entirely unique to the individual or group managing the system, and it MUST be flexible enough to change. Defining your context requires: identification of your values and intentions, placing yourself consciously in your surrounding ecology, and understanding the markets and communities of which you are a participant. Our contexts are constantly in flux, and adaptive agriculture necessitates an awareness and openness to change.

This is relevant to a community that loves labels and recipes, and it helps encourage questioning, skepticism, and constant observation. The idea that our world is constantly changing, that boundaries are constantly blurring, is central to the theme of adaptive agriculture and also central to the idea of building bridges! We encourage adaptive agriculturalists to look at all the ideologies and strategies and pick and choose to create their own unique form of agriculture based on their context and perspective.

Presented By: Ruthie King