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Nina Kirby ~ Ishtahn Oladra Thal

Nina specializes in Star Knowledge and memory activations, Star and Earth journeys, crystal healing and stone knowledge, vibrational resonance energy, Emotional Release Therapy, EFT, Quantum Energy Healing, Aka Dua and Divine Energy Wellness, Movement and Body Work. She offers purification, prayer and drum ceremonies, as well as programs, seminars and nature retreats around the world.

She is the visionary and founder of the Islands Of Light Collective, a global family and co-operative of those offering wisdom and support for the birthing of the New Earth. She is also a minister of The House Of Golden Light.

Nina has a great love and passion for dance, music, art, singing, herbal craft, apothecary, aromatherapy, chi gong, martial arts and quantum physics. She is out in nature, swimming in water, or gazing at the stars every chance she gets. She is knowledgable in her life experience with the Old World Ways of nature and herbal craft as well as Hawaiian and Native American lineages. She is connected to the stars and speaks several dialects of star language. She is committed to the awakening of our star and angelic family here on Earth and is joyfully participating in co-creating the New Earth realities.

She offers many different types of program offerings including:

~Transformative Nature Retreats. These are week long retreats camping out in nature on sacred lands, where there are many ceremonies based off of the Northern Native American Lineages, mixed with Hawaiian, Asian, and European Old World Knowledge. One is taken to deep understanding and connection with the Earth, and then to the stars and galactic energies with activations, transmissions and meditations.

~ Womens Retreats. Nina Offers Transformative nature retreats for just women. These retreats take us deep into the truths of who we are as women, honoring the cosmic womb. We open to deep healing as an individual woman, and as a collective of women experiencing the power and magic of coming together in prayer and ceremony.

~Nina also offers the opening of sacred space and sacred movement. She teaches the basic movements of Oriental Dance ( bellydance) along with chi-gong and vibrational energy with the body movements, to open up to ones natural rhythmic flow and sensuality.

~Purification and Prayer ceremonies, and drumming ceremonies. Nina lives in Mount Shasta CA, where she takes groups of people to sacred energy spots on the mountain, for prayer, ceremony, and activation.

~One to three day programs on Earth and Star Knowledge, The Holographic Universes, and New Earth Consciousness.

~One to three day programs on Quantum Healing Techniques, Divine Energy Wellness, Movement, and Bodywork. Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Release Therapy, Crystal Knowledge, Quantum Matrix Living, and various healing modalities.

~These one to three day programs, can also become four to seven day seminars, or teacher trainings.

~ On Line Courses :
Purposeful Living ~ How to bring sacred living to every day life
Sacred Divine Woman ~ Tools of transformation for the awakening woman
Starseed to Star Being ~ For the Star Being bringing in the New Earth
Quantum Energy Healing ~ For experienced practitioners looking to expand their modalities to a quantum level.
Crystals 101 ~ For the beginner crystal lover learning how to use crystals for healing.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Quantum Energy Healing For New Earth Living