Rachel Hinds

Rachel is a Holistic Doula trained by Pacific Rim College in BC Canada. She sees birth as an initiation for the birthing person, the baby, and the community supporting the process. Rachel is passionate about supporting pregnancy, birth and postpartum fully. Before entering birth work Rachel worked on many farms and gardens at different intentional communities. Through farming Rachel gained interest in the birth process, seeing it interconnected to how we relate to this planet. She believes that the relationship we have to birth, and reproduction health is reflective of how we interact with the natural world. Birth connects us to our primal beings, a place we cannot deny we are also natural. She continues to explore and question what happens when we as a society numb this process with unnecessary intervention. How does unnecessary medical intervention (note Rachel does not believe all medical intervention is unnecessary) effect how we relate to the primal, natural being within us all, and thus the earth. She continues to be inspired by notable birth activist such as Ina May Gaskin, Tadashi Yoshimura, Aviva Romm, and many others. Rachel feels immense gratitude to all being advocating for reproductive health. Additionally Rachel has a lot of experience with emotional process work, group dynamics, forum, and holding sacred space for the womb.

Resilient Birth