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Rana Chang started House Kombucha in 2009 as an on-the-ground, community-based startup. Kombucha brewing is an ancient Asian tradition of fermenting tea into a living, probiotic beverage. Rana learned to make kombucha as a child by watching her mother grow the weird “mushroom tea” in her kitchen cupboard and drink it for its medicinal properties.  She started House Kombucha in her South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood by renting a small kitchen space in the basement of an old kebab restaurant and selling it at a farmer’s market in the Metreon.  Now, based in the East Bay, House Kombucha is blessed to be employing a full brew team to bring delicious, raw kombucha tea to the greater Bay Area.  Rana lives in Oakland, is a member of the Baha’i Faith, serves on the board of the San Francisco Henry George School, and enjoys local theater, dim sum, and cats.