SpiritShield: An Integrated Permaculture & Transition Vision

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Raising consciousness is hard work, like transforming the war shield (hate) into a peaceful place (love); we need resilience-centric tools, bottom-up community processes to achieve new rituals and traditions. We seek a spiritual permaculture.

The alchemic sequence: War Shield > SpiritShield > New Myth is an artistic, participatory process; a timeline, story board, psychic protector and archetypical projection in the future. As a two-way conduit between the conscious and sub-conscious, the process of creating a new shield is one strategy to design and test new myths, rituals and traditions.

Questions for participants:

1. How do you compare and contrast the two shields?

2. Which of the 12 Elements of Modern Mythology are pertinent to this New Myth?

3. Do any of these general story themes spark your interest for the SpiritShield Myth to come?

a. Spring – Sun – Summer – Fall – Winter

b. River – Land – Sun – Sky – Moon

c. Soil Renewal – Planting – FAMILY – Tending – Harvesting

4. What design elements on the SpiritShield speak to you?

5. If you built a real, full-size SpiritShield, how and where would you use it?

6. Does the SpiritShield illustrate any specific ethics and values?

7. Has is work changed your definition of spirit in any way?

8. What format would you like to use to create the SpiritShield New Myth (.png, .mov, word, etc.)


“SpiritShield: Mythology in Transition at the Permaculture Convergence”- Plus Assignment & Questions. New Myth #84 by Willi Paul

“River – Land – Sky – Moon – Sun” – The Permaculture SpiritShield Song. Edu-Video + Student Exercise and New Myth #85 by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

Presented By: Willi Paul