Food As Medicine

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Many of our most common garden weeds contain highly valuable medicinal properties. These wayside weeds living all around us possess special nutritional and healing powers that often surpass cultivated plants. Traditionally these medicines were eaten as foods in cultures across the globe. In this workshop we will discuss medicinal plants that can easily be incorporated into our everyday diets for maximum health benefits as well as learn some simple recipes and methods of preparation. We will also discuss the nutritional benefits of home grown animal products and how to raise process and preserve a complete diet on a homestead.

Food as Medicine is relevant to building resilience because it is essential we have healthy bodies in order to create healthy communities! We can use permaculture methods to understand how specific plants can build and replenish soil the same way they nourish and replenish our bodies. Participants will gain a basic knowledge of plants they can identify in the wild or grow at home that are multi-functional as food, medicine, fertilizer and regenerative tools. This topic can build bridges between generations of young and old as we remember the indigenous knowledge of our ancestors, build bridges between cultures as we learn common and different uses for these plants and can build bridges between nutritional and wellness philosophies as we take our health into our own hands and empower our selves and our communities to grow much of our own medicine! Food as Medicine will be both lecture, demonstration and question/answer.

Presented By: Maya Blow