Dancing Freedom: Regenerate Zone Zero- Vision, Movement, Action

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Through dance and movement meditation we can celebrate and cultivate our diverse culture within, seed our vision with breath and intention, and activate a new reality of a vibrant zone zero with our body as home. Come apply permie principles to stewarding relationship with self and other, strengthening our interconnectedness and extending it into our communities

Explore zone zero, through creative movement of elements and visualization, to discover and redesign the inner landscape to a more nurturing productive regenerative structure. Learn where to put your energies and resources for a more balanced you and a stronger vision for your life. Find the fuel and inspiration for innovation and change. Clean up and recycle dead energies while rejuvenating and re-fertilizing the soil within. Discover where to best utilize your life force for personal abundance and contribution to the flourishment of your community.

In deeply understanding ourselves and connecting authentically with heart, imagination and our ancestors, we can bridge the arts and permaculture and like mycelium find ways to build together using our individual strengths while celebrating diversity as well as interconnectedness.

Presented By: Alé Pullen