Sustainable Leadership: What Does it Take To Thrive?

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Arianna Huffington’s landmark book Thrive makes the case for a “Third Metric” for defining success. As leaders, we are hardworking, passionate and good at what we do. But how do we make the time to hold our own personal well-being as a bottom line priority, so that we can serve our mission in a sustainable way for years to come? In this session leaders are invited to explore the top three ways they most often derail their own success by ignoring the warning signs of their bodies and intuition. We will look at what it takes to put a stake in the ground, and take a stand for our own thriving. Participants will also learn simple tools that can create big shifts in their day-to-day effectiveness, both inside and outside of work.

Currently, there is a gap in organizational leadership. We place an emphasis on leadership practices that impact the financial bottom line, and more recently emphasize “corporate wellness.” Yet few programs exist that acknowledge the inherent overlap in these two themes. We believe that well-being and great leadership are inseparable… and that focusing on “sustainable” leadership can provoke much a needed larger dialog about resilience in organizations, both locally and globally. Through lecture, dialog and interactive body-based mindfulness practices, this session invites participants to engage with these topics first hand, on a personal level.

Session Benefits:

Shift misconceptions about leadership stamina; learn what it really takes to thrive.
Identify energy leaks that prevent you from operating at your highest capacity.
Learn how to make empowered choices that increase energy and free up time.
Create a new benchmark for your leadership approach by learning to distinguish between driving and thriving.
Leave with 3 concrete actions to stop the 3 key energy leaks that lead to burnout