The Mycelial Metaphor

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The Mycelial Metaphor shows us patterns of interaction and organization that are shape of resiliency and co-operation. Examination of fungal ecologies and life cycles reveal the narrowness of reductionism, individualism, and of gender binary. This session will examine fungal ecology and the nutrient cycle, revealing the partnerships and feedback loops that sustain life from the microscopic to the megafauna. The inherent intelligence of biology is manifest in the fractal network of fungi that interconnect plants and soil. We will explore how these biological relationships guide our human social dimension; the mycelial metaphor. We look at soil microorganisms as indicators of successional states and nutrient cycling. We will examine systems of mushroom farming, myco-sylviculture, compost, grazing, bioremediation, and the diversification of yields from tended ecosystems.

Presented By: Maximilian Brotman