Tom LeBlanc

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Tom found permaculture by fortune of mistake in 2010 while participating in a natural building workshop on a whim. Since then he has been involved in projects ranging from the small urban garden to the multi hundered acre ranch scale. He has been lucky enough to work with and learn from well known experts like the late, great, Toby Hemmenway, Erik Ohlsen Darren Doherty, and others. In 2016 Tom was introduced to the Regrarians platform by Darren who adapted the platform form the Keyline work of P.A. Yeomans. Since then Tom has been a member of the Regrarians Team helping farmers integrate this dynamic design tool into their own landscapes to create farms that are regenerative and resilient in the ecological sense as well as economic. In addition to his work with the Regrarians Team, Tom is also employed full time as a permaculture designer at Community Soil, a Sonoma County design build firm.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Introducing the Regrarians Platform