Worker Self-Direction: Distributing Leadership for Just & Powerful Organizations

In order to create a just and sustainable world, we don’t just need to change what we do, we need to change how we do it. Organizational structures that use bureaucracy and rely on top down power can be replaced by deeply democratic collaborative processes that nurture whole beings; by organizations that support communities and individuals to grow, learn, and act. They will envision and support the development of organizations that embody radical political visions in the way they do their work. The workshop will share personal experiences, facilitate conversations, and provide specific strategies to build the organizations we crave.

Replace top-down power and hierarchy within your organization with deeply democratic collaborative processes and structures that nurture whole beings.

This workshop is about building community. It is about how we organize ourselves to do what needs to get done. It is about how navigating the issues of power, personality, emotions, and identity that arise when we meet each other as peers and attempt to build a world that works for all of us. Its about how to remain mindful of he complexity of the world, the work, and each other and still make sure that we create and follow a budget and get the taxes done.

Conference participants will gain from understanding how values that they already hold, operate on, and attempt to build into their physical designs can be formalized into resilient organizational structures.

The workshop will use group activities, facilitated discussion, and storytelling to leave participants with:
(1) An appreciation of the value of worker self-direction;
(2) An understanding of the operations and management of worker self-directed organizations;
(3) A specific set of practices that can implemented in their organizations immediately;
(4) A vision for how they might embed more democracy in their organization regardless of barriers to change
(5) Resources to engage leaders in conversations about change

Sunday Oct 8| 9:30-12:30| Bioregional Hub

Presented by Sue and Simon