Working at the Edges: Exploring Our Personal and Cultural Eco-Systems

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Working at the Edges, exploring our personal and cultural eco-systems. Using self-observation techniques and courageous conversations. The Edges a place where there are an abundant of resources and tensions. The edges is where magic happens. Dive in deeper into our personal and cultural eco-EDGES. How can we support the connection of different cultural eco systems? How do we meet at the Edges?

The workshop “The Edges” is crucial to the continued cultivation of resilient communities. It is essential to work the edges where social, interpersonal, and physical eco-systems meet. Though inter-cultural collaboration and unity, in addition to observation and tending of the personal inner-ecology, we build bridges today, and build a planet-wide social soil for the next generations to tap into. Biodiversity is the only way we have a “movement”, working the edges is a niche in the eco-system that promotes biodiversity. The Edges workshop’s vision is to be a continuous, place holder similar to the seed exchange, cultivating courageous conversations and action steps, for future convergences. The workshop will be presented using small group and pair sharing techniques, soul chi techniques and story telling to infuse the information gleaned from workshop.

In partnership with the NorCal Community Resilience Network.

Presented By: Brandi Mack and Sara Smith-Rubio