Building Resilient Neighborhoods with Transition Streets

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Transition streets Marissa Mommaerts

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Transition Streets is a neighbor-led project to reduce household energy and water use, build resilient local food systems, and build community resilience and increase social cohesion on your street. It takes the systemic thinking of Transition & Permaculture and breaks it down into a simple curriculum with actionable steps that add up to real change. If you’ve been looking for ways to engage your neighbors and launch resilience-building on your street, you will want to take in this workshop!

Transition Streets is a relatively new and very successful project of Transition US which has been used in dozens of communities across the country. It combines a number of strategies: saving money on household bills; getting to know your neighbors; leadership and facilitation development; community dialogue; as well as reducing energy/water/waste. It is definitely a “building bridges” project, particularly between near neighbors. The workshop will provide participants with a taste of the curriculum as well as tips on how to implement it (for example, outreach to neighbors & local media, running a successful meeting) and other takeaways/lessons learned from the project. Presenters will include TUS staff (Carolyne Stayton and Joshua Shepherd) as well as local Transition leaders who have implemented Transition Streets in their own neighborhoods. This workshop will be primarily informational although there will be a number of participatory exercises to really relay the flavor of the project and its potential for greater systemic change.

Presented By: Tina Clark