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Asa Schaeffer is an innovative medical cannabis entrepreneur and industry expert. He meticulously follows all aspects of his medication, from genetics to end user product, with the attention to detail and expertise that only an expert with 10+ years of experience can provide.


Asa is the CEO of Sonoma County Collective, a not for profit medical cannabis collective based in Santa Rosa, CA since its 2010 inception. His meticulous plan- ning and preparation has helped SCC leave an industry wide mark, characterized by their innovative delivery service model and commitment to outstanding customer service. His longstanding industry connections have allowed him to easily and sucessfully make the jump into the ermerging medical cannabis sector and other relating industries. True to Asa’s compassionate nature, SCC has implemented an outstanding Compassion Program in order to make sure those in need and without the means still receive the level of care he prides himself on helping provide.


His “brain child” Cherry Kola (a Sonoma County Collective proprietary strain),

is the result of years of hard work and dedication to providing a unique high efficacy medication for those in need. He took this to the next level in 2012 with his aggressive marketing and branding of the Cherry Kola name. His hard work came to fruition with Cherry Kola welcoming a positive public reception and being awarded numerous accolades in the following year.


3rd Place Indica – 2012 Hightimes Medical Cannabis Cup 1st 2013 People’s Choice Award – Oaksterdam University 2nd Overall Flower – 2013 Emerald Cup

1st Place Award the Breeder’s Cup – 2013 Emerald Cup


His recent expedition into the medical cannabis edible industry is hallmarked by the 2013 Emerald Cup release of “Kola Bars”, a strain specific line of cannabis infused high end chocolate bars, showcasing his proprietary Cherry Kola strain. Creating this new line of products has not only allowed him product diversification, but has allowed him to reach a niche market featuring patients whom some necessitate another means of ingestion. His This type of win/win situation is typical of Asa and is a direct result of the win/win mentali- ty he takes into the industry.


Asa’s dedication to health goes far beyond his affinity for natural medicine and into proactive treatment utilizing exercise and cus- tom-tailored personal training. He served as a personal trainer for 5+ years and has focused on overall health and well-being for the entirety of his adult life. He also enjoys numerous outdoor activities, especially those in the “extreme sports” sector. His extreme sports guide service, “Sonoma Extreme Sports”, has been servicing local enthusiasts for over 4 years now. His commitment to the local com- munity’s health and well-being is further demonstrated with his fitness and personal training center, “Fitness For Life”.


Activism and advocacy also play an important role in Asa’s commitment to the medical cannabis community and builds off his collec- tives dedication to further enlightening the public about medical cannabis, the positive science surrounding it and its known/poten- tial medical benefits. He is an active member of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). As a true industry expert, his knowledge of indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation is beyond reproach. His expertise was most recently recognized when he was called upon to serve on the 2013 Em- erald Cup Better Business Practices Panel with other industry experts, such as Steve DeAngelo (owner/operator of Harborside Health Center). A master of all facets of cannabis cultivation, from start to finish, he specializes in the planning and execution of large scale cannabis grows while adhering to all required guidelines. His innovative cultivation techniques allow him to find the most efficient ways to grow, under any of the varying conditions indoor/outdoor cannabis cultivation can provide. Asa’s attention to detail and con- stant innovation make him a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry.




2016 Convergence Panel: Cannabis Cultivation: Sustainability Practices for the Future