From the margins to the center: Role of youth in the Next Economy

Reflection and conversation on the importance of intergenerational collaboration in order to create the world we all know is possible.

In this workshop participants will hear of innovative businesses that are being developed and founded by youth. We will explore the value of intergenerational collaboration and how adults can be better allies to those that will inherit our planet and it’s systems. Participants will engage in reflective & team building activities and explore the resiliency of our young people and how we can all learn and benefit from each other.

The same mentality that has exploited the environment has benefited from the exploitation of people. Youth and children are the ones that take the burden of the stress and conditions of their environment, and are the ones to lead it to a potentially better future. For us to have a thriving & resilient future we need full participation of our youth, however how are we as adults supporting and nurturing the future generations? Through reflective team building activities and presentation from young visionaries & leaders participants share how they contribute to the future generations and explore how to better move forward.

Saturday, Oct 7| 11am| Bioregional Hub

Presented by aManda Greene, Stephanie Maldonado

and Kelly Elizabeth Ortega