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For over a decade, Marni has been studying and practicing the teachings of various healing and wisdom traditions. The original foundations of her healing journey were laid in traditional yoga and meditation, Advaitya Vedanta (non-duality) and Tantra, and later expanded to the counseling methodologies of attitudinal healing & transpersonal psychology, as well as more shamanic practices and shadow work.

Marni lived in Peru from 2010-2017, where she immersed herself in work with Ayahuasca, both as a participant and as a facilitator. She has supported and guided hundreds of ceremonies and thousands of individual processes over the years, including pre and post-ceremony work. Most importantly, she has walked this journey in her own life and has a long history of first-hand experience with the unique process that Ayahuasca catalyzes. Her work was born from this experience, as well as past training in mindfulness and transpersonal counseling techniques, and her own ongoing journey of healing, deconstruction and awakening.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Ayahuasca Integration: Inhabiting The Ceremony of Life