Pilar Mejia

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When we Heal Ourselves, We Heal the Collective
** In Solidarity with the First Nations of Turtle Island, honoring the ancestors of these lands **

I am Pilar, and I am the mastermind behind I Heal Myself to Heal the World, where I write and share about my Healing Journey.
I’m a Mestiza Woman from the lands we call Mexico.
A Slayer of domestications. I focus on finding our Authentic Self & Healing our Ancestral trauma. I speak up about White Supremacy and Racism. I am a Cannabis advocate, and I talk about my healing journey with this plant medicine. A Non-Bullshit Writer, Mentor, Intuitive Healer, Racial Justice Activist.
I don’t do “spiritual work” Spirit knows what we need and who we are.
My Spirit is connecting me with my Ancestors and Mother Earth.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Healing Ancestral Trauma & Decolonizing Feminism