Amy Seidman

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Founder of BFlow, Noble Profit, & Incredible Places

Founder of BFlow, tracking UN SDGs with Blow to decentralize sustainable business and investment.

Founder of Noble Profit connecting sustainable business and investment.

Founder of Incredible Places to using media and technology to connect people to nature

Early pioneer of interactive media at Creative Entity, a digital media company with clients such as PacBell, Lotus Software, Sun Microsystems, ValueClick Media, MGM, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Disney.

Film maker, photographer, artist, environmentalist and founder of and Artist fellow at Sierra Nevada Research Institute, a resident artist at SOMA Creativity Center and c3, Nikon award winner and professional photographer, exhibited in NY, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Photographer and published writer included in Time, Newsweek,People, New York Daily News, Natural History Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, books and interactive exhibitions.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Decentralizing Sustainable Business